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NewHairFormula client Casey Shawver's testimonial before and after pictures documenting his amazing hair regrowth!

What to Expect When Using NewHairFormula On Your Hair

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We show clients’ hair growth experiences on a timeline. Then we explain the main factors that affect your current ability to regrow hair. We think this will give you a good idea of the hair growth results you can expect to see for yourself!

Finally, You Can Stop Your hair Loss Permanently!

NewHairFormula is the first hair growth treatment clinically proven to prevent DHT from storing and building up in the scalp (the root cause of most hair loss). It takes about 60 days for NewHairFormula to reduce the DHT in your scalp by up to 90%. This will stop your hair loss completely!

Reducing the DHT level in your scalp is the only way to stop hair loss permanently. In addition, this unique ability to significantly reduce DHT results in unprecedented hair regrowth previously thought impossible!

NewHairFormula works so well that it can completely change the way you look! Many of our clients look years younger now! Some have even had friends and family ask them if they had done a hair transplant! Here is another incredible example of what NewHairFormula has helped our clients achieve.

my thick curly hair grew back to where it was several years ago, and I hope to keep it that way for the rest of my life!  NewHairFormula did exactly what they claimed it would do and they sure earned a lifetime customer here!”

Casey Shawver, private trader, Texas

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Stops Your Hair Loss Quickly, But Growing Hair Takes Time!

Because NewHairFormula can dramatically lower the level of dihydrotestosterone in your scalp, you can expect your hair loss to stop after only a few weeks of use.  This is very consistent for everyone who tries NewHairFormula.  Even if you are currently losing hair quickly, and your pillowcase and shower drain are covered with your hair, your hair loss will stop! 

Stopping your hair loss is the quick and easy benefit of using our product.  But growing hair takes time, and the more hair loss you have, the more time it will take to regrow. So, if your hair is just thinning, then you could expect to have a huge improvement after only six months, whereas if you have completely bald areas, you should expect these will take at least 12 to 18 months to reach maximum thickness. 

Learn why reducing your DHT level is the only way to stop your hair loss permanently: New Hair Growth Technology

Experience Hair Regrowth Never Possible Before!

After our treatment decreases your DHT by 90%, the underlying cause of your hair loss is gone! Now, your damaged hair follicles will begin to heal on their own.  This alone can produce a thick hair regrowth that is impossible in those with elevated DHT!  But NewHairFormula also contains a powerful hair growth stimulant! 

Our proprietary hair growth stimulant is up to 24 times more potent than minoxidil!  A single dose of our timed-release formula has a similar effect to applying minoxidil to your scalp once every two hours for 48 hours straight!

Maintain Your New Hair Permanently!

So, what does all of this mean? It means NewHairFormula can make your hair look like it did a decade ago! And since the underlying cause of your hair loss is gone, you can maintain your new hairline for the rest of your life! 

Many of our clients look years younger now! Some have even had friends and family ask them if they had done a hair transplant! Just look at these incredible examples of what NewHairFormula has helped our clients achieve.

Average Client Results and Expectaions

A reasonable expectation for most clients is to see your hair regrow to where it was 5 or 10 years ago.  You should then be able to maintain this regrowth for the rest of your life!

The scientific explanation for these results is as follows.  NewHairFormula is very effective at reviving dormant follicles.  When your hair falls out, the follicle itself does not die immediately but stays dormant for many years.  So, within 5 or 10 years of hair loss, most of your hair follicles are alive but dormant.  Over a longer time frame, most of these dormant follicles gradually die off and cannot be revived.  For this reason, most folks should expect only moderate regrowth on slick bald areas (unless it occurred recently).

Amazing Hair Regrowth! Before and after photographs of NewHairFormula client.
Joseph G. - Before, and after 15 months on NewHairFormula!

within three months my head was covered with thousands of new hair follicles growing everywhere, especially around the hairlines (they told me I had 10,000 new hairs growing in)!  Now, eight months later, my hair loss has been turned back 25 years!

I will be a lifelong customer and highly recommend everyone to take their risk-free trial.  You have nothing to lose and everything to gain!”

Joseph G., Investment Fund Manager, Malta   

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What to Expect - Hair Growth Timeline

The following timeline should give you an idea of what our average clients should expect to experience for their own hair when they try NewHairFormula.

After 1 bottle of NewHairFormula

Day 0 – 60  (2 months)

NewHairFormula is a treatment for the scalp (where the hair follicles reside).  It is the first treatment with the ability to prevent DHT from storing and building up in your scalp (the root cause of your hair loss).  It takes about 60 to 90 days for NewHairFormula to reduce the DHT in your scalp by up to 90%.  You can’t feel or see this directly, but all the changes you notice are directly related to NewHairFormula’s unique ability to prevent DHT from storing in your scalp.

Men who use our product once every other day will just be finishing their first bottle of NewHairFormula by 60 days.  For women using the product once every third day your first bottle will last 90 days. 

Don’t expect to notice much in the first 30 days of use. Instead, use this time to get used to applying NewHairFormula correctly, and on a regular schedule, every other day before bed (every 3rd day for women). The quality and consistency of your application of our product can help you experience the best hair growth possible. So please take the time to read the NewHairFormula application instructions.

Though you will not notice much during your first 30 days, rest assured that NewHairFormula is actively reducing the dihydrotestosterone (DHT) stored in your scalp.  Day-by-day your DHT is getting lower. 

During your second month, your DHT levels will continue to decrease, and you will start to notice results.  By 2 months, most clients who are seeing hair shedding will notice a significant decrease in the day-to-day shedding.  In fact, for many, the shedding will have completely stopped.  This means no more hair on your pillowcase, shower drain, and hairbrush.  Or at least no more short fine hair.  Shedding longer hairs (a little bit) is normal as anyone with a Latina wife can attest to.  But when you are experiencing androgenic alopecia, you are actively shedding short fine and weak hairs.  This should stop completely.

In addition, the extra testosterone stored in your scalp was the root cause of oily scalp and dandruff.  You should notice that your scalp is no longer oily and if you had a dandruff problem, it should also be significantly improved.

After 2 bottles of NewHairFormula

Marilia A. close up photo of new hair growth along the fringe of her hairline after 4 months using NewHairFormula.
Marilia A. close up photo of new hair growth along the fringe of her hairline after 4 months using NewHairFormula.

Months 2 through 4

Your second bottle of NewHairFormula is a critical turning point for your hair growth.  By now your DHT is lowered and your hair loss has stopped.  Because of this, your scalp is finally ready to start producing new hair, and it will do just that, with time! 

So, until now, new hair growth has not been possible.  But your scalp has just reached a new, lower level of DHT.  So now, deep in the dermal layer of your scalp, many of your dormant hair follicles are revived and growing new hair beneath the skin.  These follicles will reach the surface in the coming weeks.

Now is the time when patience is required and not much difference is noticed on the surface.  Please give our product the time it needs to work.  Don’t lose faith here, even though you won’t see many additional changes, until closer to the 4-month mark!

Now get ready for the good part!  And remember, hair growth starts small, and grows!  By 4 months you should start to notice many small, light hairs growing in around your hairline (kind of like peach fuzz that you did not previously notice).  These are the hair follicles that have been growing beneath the surface for weeks, and now they will begin to emerge in waves.

You may need a magnified mirror to see this well, but when you do see them, you will realize they are everywhere!  It is even better if you have a partner at home that can check your entire scalp with a magnifying glass!

For more detailed instructions regarding how to find and see your new hair growth please read the following article:

Closeup picture of new hair growth on client's head. This new hair growth is visible along the part in the client's hair.
Hair Growth Research

Spotting Your New Hair Growth

Learn methods to spot and observe your new hair regrowth in its early stages, when it would usually require precision measuring instruments. But first, you must stop looking in the

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Our best responder after our 90 day clinical trial Amazing Hair Regrowth!  10,000 New Hairs in 3 Months

After 3 bottles of NewHairFormula

Months 4 through 6

Your new thin and light hair follicles will continue to thicken and lengthen and turn darker and you will start to see new waves of thin and light hair follicles emerge.  This process will seem to occur in waves of sprouting “peach fuzz” that gradually thicken into terminal, ordinary hair. 

By six months your hair should be noticeably thicker, and the difference will be clear in the mirror or across the room!  This is when your friends and family members will begin to notice the difference as well.

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The next year on NewHairFormula

NewHairFormula client Casey Shawver's testimonial before and after pictures documenting his amazing hair regrowth!
Casey Shawver - Before, and after 8 months on NewHairFormula!

6 months to 18 months

It takes time for hair to regrow and in this timeframe your hair will continue to thicken as much as it is going to.  Your friends and family (and your mirror) will all notice the difference now.

Expect your hair to continue to regrow in reverse order from the way it was originally lost. For instance, in normal male pattern balding most men have a receding hairline or crown first. So, these areas are last to regrow. The first places to regrow will be the areas where your hair is the thickest and the areas where you last shed. After several months of usage, you should start to see fine hairs growing in even on areas that have been bald the longest. Now only time will tell how much of your hair can be revived by NewHairFormula, but you will reach that point by 18 months, unless you have very long hair.

Many clients have asked us what they can achieve with a fully bald spot on their crown.  To illustrate, here is a client in his 40s who had a fully bald area on his crown when he came to us.  We don’t have a good before picture from him, but here you can see how his hair grew in over a large part of the bald area after 8 months using NewHairFormula.  He was spectacularly pleased with his hair growth!

Client with thick hair regrowth on previously fully bald crown.
8 months after a completely bald crown!

18 months onward

By this time, your hair has regrown as much as it is going to. NewHairFormula should be able to maintain your hair at this level of regrowth indefinitely, as long as you continue using the product.

Learn more about how our breakthrough hair growth treatment works here:

Before and After 4 Year on NewHairFormula (side view)
Top Hair Growth Research

New Hair Growth Technology

NewHairFormula is the first hair growth treatment clinically proven to prevent DHT from storing and building up in the scalp (the root cause of most hair loss). This unique ability to significantly reduce DHT has resulted in unprecedented hair regrowth for our clients. Here we explain how our invention works and list the ingredients.

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But Will NewHairFormula Work for Me Too?

Amazing Hair Regrowth! Before and after photographs of NewHairFormula client.
Joseph G. - Before, and after 15 months on NewHairFormula!

Question – Okay, I see you showing off some pretty great results here, but what about me?  How do I know this treatment will work for me?

Answer – Each client’s hair loss is as unique as their fingerprints so we won’t know exactly how any individual will respond.  What we have put together here is a timeline of what we typically see.  In addition, we can share with you a list of biological factors that will help guide your own expectations. 

So, the easiest hair loss to treat is recent hair loss.  Hair follicles can go dormant quickly due to health issues or hormones (pattern balding).  But it takes years for these follicles to die off completely.  In fact, as you will see from our experiment below, some follicles never die off completely, even on slick bald scalp!

For this reason, anyone who has had a lot of hair loss over the past 5 to 10 years, can expect to see a lot of hair regrowth once they start NewHairFormula and decrease the DHT in their scalp!  So, recent hair loss is a very good factor in your favor.

Then there is the factor of hair coverage remaining.  Normally, slick bald areas have the most damage done to the hair follicles and many of these follicles will be dead, meaning they will not regrow.  While areas with hair thinning obviously have more live and active follicles, these areas also have lots of dormant, but not dead follicles!  So, this means areas with a thicker density of hair coverage will experience much better regrowth than the areas with less remaining density.

On your own scalp, this means the areas like receding hairlines and bald crowns are much harder to regrow than areas that have thin but good coverage.  So, the thin coverage areas will regrow much more density.  But this also means that some of your thickest and best regrowth will come from areas of your scalp where you did not even realize you were losing your hair yet!  Yes, most clients see their thickest regrowth along the areas where their hair looked thick and full already!  These clients usually don’t even realize they had lost hair in these areas until they see the thick regrowth.

Age is also a factor.  Believe it or not, age usually works in favor of older men.  Younger men (in their 20s or 30s) losing their hair quickly, can have very high DHT levels that are harder to reduce.  While men in their senior years who still have hair already made it through a big hurdle. Now their DHT levels are not nearly as high as when they were younger men, and so are much easier to lower using our treatment.

The age factor can be against women though as young women tend not to ever have androgenic alopecia (AGA is caused by elevated DHT).  In women over 50, the leading cause of hair loss is AGA and elevated DHT levels just like it is in men!

To demonstrate the power of reducing DHT and how it works on anyone, one of our researchers tested NewHairFormula on the slick bald scalp of his 80-year-old father, who had been slick bald since his 30s.  After 6 months this slick bald fellow had enough hair growing on the top of his head that he had to resume shaving his scalp again which he hadn’t done in decades.  This annoyed him and so he discontinued treatment, ha!  The hair density was not impressive, but it proves two important points.  First, even on slick bald scalp, not all of the hair follicles ever die!  And second, decreasing the DHT levels will revive these follicles at any age!

Hopefully, this article will give new clients a better way to gauge their current hair loss and manage their expectations for their treatment with us.

Happy hair growth to all of you!

The NewHairFormula Research Team

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What NewHairFormula Requires from You!

NewHairFormula is a great step forward in hair growth technology.   We have applied cutting edge, real science to your real hair loss problem.  But it is not magic, it is science. So, you cannot use it a few times and expect to look like you are wearing a wig.  We are not trying to attract short-term users with unrealistic expectations.  And we do not profit from our new users but from our long-term clients. 

We can afford to do this because our product works so well that we have many long-term clients for life, but there are requirements from you as well. The first thing NewHairFormula requires is a dedicated user who is willing to apply the product carefully to their scalp every other day consistently over time! You must also have patience to see results because growing hair takes time!

Our perfect client has tried minoxidil or other hair growth products and has not seen good results. But these clients are already committed to consistent product application and ready to benefit from our technology.

NewHairFormula will work better than any other product on the market, if you are applying it carefully, correctly, and consistently.  So, if you are committed, then our product really can completely change the way your hair looks!

Learn how to apply NewHairFormula once every other day here:

man observing his hair in the mirror

Instructions + Tips

Instructions and Expectations Please read these detailed instructions to learn the proper method to apply NewHairFormula to your scalp.  After the application instructions we also explain what you should expect

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Discover NewHairFormula

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