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What Is Causing My Hair Loss, and How Can I Stop It?

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We explain how dihydrotestosterone (DHT) causes androgenic alopecia (pattern hair loss), and what you can do to stop it.

What is causing my hair loss and how can I stop it?

Many of our clients want to learn more about their hair loss and what is causing it so they will know if our groundbreaking new hair growth treatment will work for them.  But, for us to understand how to stop our hair loss, we must first understand the underlying cause of our hair loss. 

Most hair loss in men and hair thinning in post-menopausal women is due to androgenic alopecia (AGA) and is also known as genetic hair loss or pattern baldness.  Almost everyone experiences this type of hair loss in some severity as they age.  Even if you are one of the lucky ones who have great hair at age 65, it will not be as thick as it was at 25!  Think of President Ronald Regan here.  He kept his Hollywood hairline until his death, but even he suffered from severe hair thinning in his later years.  So, hair thinning due to AGA happens to all of us sooner or later.

The way your hair loss begins is that your body naturally stores dihydrotestosterone (DHT) in your scalp, and if this DHT level rises even slightly it will cause dramatic hair loss!  Increased DHT is common in young men and causes quick and aggressive balding.  Women are usually not affected until after menopause but then the effects can be severe as well.  And once AGA begins, it always gets worse over time, year after year. Until you decide to do something to lower your DHT level permanently, like NewHairFormula.

If you are unsure what is causing your hair loss (usually females here), then we have devised an at home test to see if the cause of your hair loss is due to AGA here:

It is a fact that you cannot lose hair due to hormonal or genetic reasons with low or no DHT present in your scalp.  So, decreasing DHT alone can stop hair loss on any person suffering from androgenic alopecia.  So, if you are able to decrease your DHT below the level where your hair loss began, then your hair loss will stop and will never progress further.  In fact, for most of us, just doing this alone will cause an amazing amount of the hair we lost to regrow!

So, how can I lower the DHT level in my scalp and stop my hair loss?

NewHairFormula was designed to stop hair loss quickly in people with AGA.  It is the first product proven in clinical testing to eliminate up to 90% of the DHT in your scalp over the first 60 days of use.  This is much more than finasteride, and without the side effects of prescription drugs!

Prior to our discovery, the only commercially available product (in the United States) that could lower your DHT level was finasteride.  Finasteride is available by prescription and is taken orally each day as a 1mg or 5mg tablet.  It is also proven to lower your DHT substantially (up to 70%), though not nearly as much as NewHairFormula (up to 90%). 

Finasteride (and dutasteride) pills are a type of anti-androgen and commonly prescribed in many countries for hair loss.  These well-known drugs can also reduce DHT levels in your scalp significantly (by up to 70% in some studies).  However, these drugs also reduce your male hormones (testosterone) everywhere in your body and commonly reduce sperm counts to zero!  Therefore, they are also prescribed to feminize men who are transitioning to women.  Additionally, they are prescribed by oncologists to help remove 100 percent of the male hormones from your body during some types of cancer treatment.  So, these drugs do serve a purpose, but we do not think that any male interested in a normal functioning reproductive system should be taking either of these drugs for cosmetic reasons!

There are other products out there that also claim to lower DHT with a pill, such as saw palmetto.  If any of these products did work, they would take an enormous dosage causing worse side effects than the prescription drugs and still systemically suppress all of your male hormones.  Thus, you would experience the same side effects as dutasteride and finasteride above.  You cannot take any pill that only removes DHT from your scalp without also removing testosterone everywhere!  This can only be achieved topically by NewHairFormula!

Learn more about the adverse side effects of anti-androgens like finasteride here:

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No product can stop your hair loss without significantly lowering the DHT level in your scalp!

Unfortunately, most products sold to treat hair loss today focus only on stimulating hair growth (such as minoxidil) and completely ignore the elevated DHT levels which are the underlying cause of your hair loss.  And if you are like most of our clients, you have tried many things before finding us and nothing has worked.  So, many people come to us with a lot of skepticism and even anxiety about hair growth products.  They wonder how anything can work once they tried minoxidil or another product and saw no results.  They read that minoxidil is FDA approved and supposedly clinically proven to grow hair and yet it did little or nothing for them.  Some were even prescribed minoxidil by their own doctors!  So, if all of this failed them, does anything really work?

The reason minoxidil doesn’t work well by itself is because it does not treat the underlying cause of your hair loss at all! Minoxidil is a growth stimulant and has no effect on your DHT levels.

Remember, most hair loss is caused by too much DHT in your scalp. But most men have a continually increasing level of this DHT in their scalp as they age. So, your DHT levels rise over time and cause your hair loss to get worse.  These continually growing DHT levels generally cause even more hair loss than the slight hair growth minoxidil can add back, which is why many people don’t think minoxidil works for them.

We mentioned above that it is a fact that you cannot lose hair due to hormonal or genetic reasons (AGA) with low or no DHT present in your scalp.  So, decreasing DHT alone can stop hair loss on any person suffering from AGA.  Well, the opposite is also true.  Meaning that no product can stop your hair loss without lowering the DHT level in your scalp significantly!

Our Risk Free Offer

Because NewHairFormula works so well, even in the first 60 days, we decided to offer our new clients a risk-free trial so they can see their own results for themselves!  If you don’t stop your hair loss in 60 days, or don’t love our product for any reason, then we will refund your purchase and you will pay nothing!

Discover NewHairFormula

Discover NewHairFormula

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