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Visual representation of areas of the scalp that should be treated with NewHairFormula

The Proper Way to Apply NewHairFormula to Your Scalp

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Additional notes on NewHairFormula application – a best practices guide.

Before reading this guide, please have a thorough understanding of the basic product application instructions here:

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Instructions + Tips

Instructions and Expectations Please read these detailed instructions to learn the proper method to apply NewHairFormula to your scalp.  After the application instructions we also

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After receiving numerous client questions regarding the proper application of NewHairFormula, I would like to delve further into the intricacies of the proper application of our product using the pictures above as a guide. These pictures of two clients’ hair loss have been marked up and divided into “red” areas with more severe hair loss and “blue” areas with less severe hair loss. Note that the “red” and “blue” areas of your hair loss are unique to each of you.

I think most clients are clear that they need to apply NewHairFormula directly to the areas circled in red.  But I am here today to explain why the areas circled in blue are of equal (or even greater) importance.  The blue areas are where your hair remains the thickest (note that I am just referring to the top of the head here and not the sides where you do not lose hair).  The areas circled in blue are thicker and will also regrow quicker because the hair loss here is not as severe and has likely happened more recently.  In fact, your current hair loss is likely happening the fastest in these blue areas.  So you need to make sure you hit these blue areas for two reasons;

  1. To halt the further hair loss in the areas where you still have more hair.
  2. Hair is also easier and quicker to regrow in the thicker areas where your hair loss is happening now, as opposed to the areas where it is much thinner and perhaps fell out some time ago.


So, to maximize your hair regrowth, please also apply a portion of each dose of NewHairFormula to the “blue” areas of your hair loss as well and don’t use it only on your “red” areas of hair loss.

It is important to reiterate that the product must be applied directly to the scalp, one drop at a time and then gently rubbed in to spread it around evenly upon the surface of your scalp.

It is also a good idea to make sure your scalp is and has been very dry before applying NewHairFormula as mentioned here:

To learn more about NewHairFormula, please visit our FAQ page here:

Discover NewHairFormula

Discover NewHairFormula

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