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NewHairFormula Return Policy

Before and after our 90 day clinical trial Amazing Hair Regrowth!  10,000 New Hairs in 3 Months

NewHairFormula’s groundbreaking ability to reduce DHT by up to 90% can stop your hair loss for good.  Many of our clients experience a thick regrowth not possible before our breakthrough!

Our proprietary dual action formula stimulates hair growth and also decreases DHT more than anything else available today! And we have many satisfied lifetime clients who swear by our treatment!

But we know all that matters is how it works for you, and we want you to try it without risk!  Since we only sell via the internet, we need to have a way to let our new clients try it out, with no pressure to buy, while building trust in our company. This is why we offer our new clients a no questions asked money-back guarantee along with a low first month sale price! 

Terms of Our 60 Day Money Back Guarantee

Our 60-day no questions asked money back guarantee applies to all of our first-time clients from the United States and Canada who purchase any of our products with the exception of the 6 month, 3 bottle supply pack. 

So, what can you expect to learn about NewHairFormula in the first 60 days? First, you will see how fast we ship and how responsive our customer service is to meet your needs. Then, you will see for yourself how NewHairFormula leaves your hair soft and conditioned, and not a sticky birds nest like generic minoxidil.  You will see your hair fall stop and your oily scalp dry up.  You will notice right away that you do not have any more side effects as you may have had with previous treatments. 

All of this will help you decide to continue with us.  But we will refund you with no questions in the first 60 days.  And it is easy, just call us and ask or send us an email, or text us on our website’s chat box.  The refund process is extremely easy and quick.  Because the treatment is a medicine, we do not even ask for it to be returned.  Refunds are usually issued immediately during business hours or the next business day otherwise.  Depending upon your own bank, the refund may take 2 to 3 business days to arrive in your account, but you receive your refund receipt immediately via email at the same time we return it to your payment method.

Exchange Policy

Our exchange policy is simple.  Our product and packaging is pretty tough, but if any package ever arrives damaged badly during shipping, you can call us to receive a replacement free of charge.

Discover NewHairFormula

Discover NewHairFormula