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NewHairFormula is the first hair growth treatment clinically proven to prevent DHT from storing and building up in the scalp (the root cause of most hair loss). This unique ability to significantly reduce DHT has resulted in unprecedented hair regrowth for our clients. Here we explain how our invention works and list the ingredients.

What Makes NewHairFormula Better Than Other Clinically Proven Treatments?

Dear clients and friends,

We want to point out and clarify what we have done that has revolutionized human hair regrowth potential and explain why NewHairFormula is better than other clinically proven treatments.

So, we are the first and only firm to convert minoxidil into a low dosage, timed release microemulsion. This means that no minoxidil touches your skin but is released slowly and continuously after the microemulsion is absorbed. So, what we have done is eliminate 100 percent of the minoxidil side effects, while delivering much better hair growth due to the continuous timed-release mechanism. And you only need to apply it once every other day! Many people, especially seniors and women, have terrible minoxidil side effects. Even dangerous side effects like heart palpitations. Now they have none! So, NewHairFormula is a very worthy upgrade to quality of life for all current and future minoxidil users.

But this is not our only breakthrough! Our groundbreaking use of DMSO to prevent the buildup of DHT in your scalp (without side effects) is so revolutionary that right now almost 15% of our new clients are medical doctors signing up to investigate this technology for themselves. Decreasing your DHT can stop hair loss permanently and maintain your hair as you age. Before NewHairFormula, finasteride was your only choice for decreasing DHT significantly. But finasteride can have negative side effects on your libido.  NewHairFormula can decrease DHT safely and naturally, much more effectively than finasteride, but with zero side effects!

There is even more icing on this cake. One of our scientists has experience working in high end women’s hair products development. So, our potent formula also leaves your hair feeling soft and conditioned instead of a sticky mess like all the others.

Better hair growth with no side effects, easy to use once every other day, and leaves your hair feeling great! All of this is a major upgrade to the best medically proven hair growth treatments available today, and an increased quality of life for all of our clients.

With warmest regards,

The NewHairFormula Team

“Within three months my head was covered with thousands of new hair follicles growing everywhere, especially around the hairlines (they told me I had 10,000 new hairs growing in)!  Now, eight months later, my hair loss has been turned back 25 years!

I will be a lifelong customer and highly recommend everyone to take their risk-free trial.  You have nothing to lose and everything to gain!”

Joseph G., Investment Fund Manager, Malta

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Our best responder after our 90 day clinical trial …  Amazing Hair Regrowth!  10,000 New Hairs in 3 Months

Groundbreaking Ability to Reduce Serum DHT Levels by 90%

During our research and testing of a skin penetration enhancer we discovered by accident that one ingredient, dimethyl sulfoxide (DMSO), has quite a strong effect of decreasing the DHT levels in the scalp when applied topically (directly to the scalp).  It does this without affecting hormone levels elsewhere and thus without any side effects.

DMSO is well known to be an extremely potent vasodilator which is capable of increasing blood flow through skin flaps by dozens and even hundreds of times.  In fact, it has near magical qualities in plastic surgery, literally bringing cells back to life that seemed dead and causing blood to flow through them again.  There is a good deal of literature in this area to support DMSO saving biological cells, and much is written about this ability.  What this implies is that DMSO can cause reinvigoration and reperfusion of near dead hair stem cells.  DMSO has even been used by the world’s top hair transplant surgeons in their “secret cocktails” in which they store the plucked hair follicles before implanting them one at a time back into your scalp.

However, there is more going on than just this reinvigoration and reperfusion of hair stem cells.  There is empirical evidence to suggest that repeated direct topical application of DMSO results in crippling the ability of DHT to store in the dermal layer of the skin where it severely affects hair follicle survival.  In our clinical testing, we saw serum DHT levels in our samples decrease by as much as 90%.  This is game changing for your hair loss and even more effective than topical or oral finasteride in similarly reported studies.  Also, none of our test subjects reported side effects of any kind, as expected because DMSO is well documented to be extremely safe with no side effects and can even be taken orally or intravenously in hospital settings.

The NewHairFormula research team performed extensive clinical testing with DMSO.  This resulted in us finding a dosage that optimizes the DHT lowering performance with a zero side-effect tolerance and a comfortable, easy to use product!

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24 Times More Potent Than Minoxidil (5%)

A single dose of our proprietary hair growth stimulant has a similar effect to applying minoxidil (5%) every 2 hours for 48 hours straight!  We have created a proprietary timed-release minoxidil microemulsion that delivers 24 times the minoxidil dosage to your hair follicles with no side effects!  With our timed-release breakthrough your hair follicles are fed continuously and directly at a very low dosage that is fully absorbed by the follicles and does not go systemic to the rest of your body and thus eliminates all side effects.

That’s right, our treatment can deliver over 24 times the minoxidil dosage directly to your hair follicles, even though the overall dosage is much lower.  We did this by creating a low dose, timed-release, minoxidil microemulsion.  With our microemulsion technology, our minoxidil is released slowly, and directly to the hair follicles in the dermal layer of your scalp.  The hair follicles can absorb most of this low continuous dosage directly, and there is very little wasted systemically (to the rest of your body) where it could cause side effects.  So, our very low but continuous dosage primarily stays in your dermis where it is constantly stimulating your hair follicles 24 hours a day 7 days a week! 

Here is how it works: Our microemulsion consists of tiny, microscopic droplets or “nano balls”.  Each of these microscopic nano balls contains many minoxidil molecules. This microemulsion can easily penetrate the stratum corneum (skin surface) but cannot penetrate the basal cell layer of the epidermis, where they form a pool (get stuck).  Over the next 48 hours these nano balls begin to dissolve slowly, releasing minoxidil slowly and continuously, directly into the dermal layer of your scalp.  Thus, providing a continuous and very low dosage supply of minoxidil directly to your hair follicles. 

Compare this with ordinary minoxidil (OM as we call it).  OM is absorbed immediately and goes systemic (throughout your body) in minutes, causing sweats and lowering blood pressure, changing heart rate, etc. all within 20 minutes!  This means that 99% of a dose of OM is wasted on the rest of your body where you don’t need it.  This is what causes all of the unwanted side effects of minoxidil, such as sweating, fast heart rate, heart palpitations, swollen face, and eye bags.

Then with OM, after the big minoxidil spike throughout your body, the level soon goes to zero and leaves your follicles unstimulated.  Which is why you must apply ordinary minoxidil at least twice a day for maximum efficiency.

A single dose of NewHairFormula is released into your dermis directly and continuously, but also at an extremely low dosage as it is applied only once every 48hrs.  This has the dual effects of stimulating hair growth continuously, while the low dose means most of our NewHairFormula stays in your dermis and causes no side effects!

NewHairFormula product pic, Facebook size.

NewHairFormula – A Winning Combination!

After thousands of hours of research and extensive clinical testing, we finally combined our proprietary and potent new hair growth stimulant with our groundbreaking DHT suppressant to create NewHairFormula!

By this time, we had already seen amazing results on dozens of test subjects.  But we wanted to compare our patients results with the best-known existing treatment for hair loss to prove and measure our performance. 

Minoxidil twice daily (5%) with finasteride (1mg), was the best proven treatment available before we arrived.  So, we tested NewHairFormula head-to-head against this well-known prescription drug combination.  In the end, NewHairFormula users experienced 200% more hair growth in the first 90 days alone, easily outperforming the best prescription treatment, and without the side effects!

Stop Your Hair Loss Permanently!

NewHairFormula will stop your hair loss within 60 days by eliminating up to 90% of the DHT stored in your scalp.  We are confident enough to back this claim with a 60 day money back guarantee!

Most of our clients will also experience a great deal of new hair growth after several months, but everyone can stop their hair loss permanently with NewHairFormula!

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NewHairFormula Ingredients

NewHairFormula active ingredients:

Proprietary timed-release minoxidil microemulsion – for 48hr timed release of minoxidil (5%).

Dimethyl sulfoxide 25%.

NewHairFormula inactive ingredients:

Ethanol, propylene glycol, and distilled water. 

Discover NewHairFormula

Discover NewHairFormula

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