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Instructions and Expectations

Please read these detailed instructions to learn the proper method to apply NewHairFormula to your scalp.  After the application instructions we also explain what you should expect during the hair regrowth process.


For men the dosage is a single 1 ml dropper full once every other day.

For women the dosage is a single 1 ml dropper full once every three days.

Do not apply more frequently.

NewHairFormula should be applied to a clean dry scalp. Apply a single 1ml dropper full directly to the portions of the scalp susceptible to pattern baldness before bed. This means not just the areas where you are visibly losing hair. This is important because this will prevent further hair loss in places where you still have hair. You must take care to apply directly to the scalp and not the hair. Once you place the drops on your scalp use one hand to gently rub the product into the scalp for 30 seconds. This step is important as it spreads the product evenly across the whole scalp. You do not just want this to work in only the places where the drops land so spreading the product evenly across the scalp is important.

Wash your hands with soap and water after each application.

After the application you should feel some tingling for about five to ten minutes. This means that NewHairFormula is working and you can feel it. To reduce the tingling effect please be sure to spend more time rubbing the product into the scalp. It is important to spread the product as evenly as possible over the areas of your scalp prone to hair loss.

NewHairFormula should be left on the scalp overnight where it will continue to work all night while you are sleeping. We recommend at least eight hours before washing your hair for best results. This is why we recommend applying at night.

For more specific details about how to apply NewHairFormula to your own scalp, based upon your own unique hair loss, read here:

What to Expect

Learn what to expect while using our product here:

Discover NewHairFormula

Discover NewHairFormula