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How To Make Any Hair Growth Product Fail!

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Overly saturated skin cannot absorb anything! Make sure you do not make this critical mistake when applying NewHairFormula!

It’s good to get in a good sweat!  A workout in the gym, a run (or maybe even a swim) invigorates the senses and keeps you feeling fit and healthy.  Then a hot steamy shower and shave afterwards feels great as well.  But don’t make applying NewHairFormula a part of this routine if you want it to work well! 

I want to talk about skin saturation, which is the enemy of skin permeability.  Your skin saturation levels vary naturally throughout the day.  But after a hard sweat or becoming soaking wet, such as happens in a swim or a hot shower, your skin becomes saturated and is temporarily not very permeable. This means that topical products like NewHairFormula should not be applied at this time.

So of course, after you shower, you dry yourself off and even blow dry your hair.  All good, right?  Not really.  Your skin will be saturated for “a while”.  Even after drying off, you remain humid for “a while”, and your skin will not be absorbing things at its best until all the humidity is gone.  Sure, you can apply NewHairFormula right after blow drying your hair, in a pinch, but it is best to give it more time and better to skip it altogether than to try to apply it when your hair is still wet!

For this reason, we advise applying NewHairFormula at night before you go to bed.  Just remember, the longer your skin has been dry before you apply the product the better it will be absorbed! 

Anyhow, please remember this note about skin saturation and permeability when applying any topical product that needs to be absorbed.

To learn more about the correct way to apply NewHairFormula see our usage instructions guide here:

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Instructions + Tips

Instructions and Expectations Please read these detailed instructions to learn the proper method to apply NewHairFormula to your scalp.  After the application instructions we also

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Discover NewHairFormula

Discover NewHairFormula

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