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The Side Effects of Finasteride

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While finasteride has a number legitimate medical uses, the systemic effect of male hormone suppression are severe enough that we would not recommend it for cosmetic reasons.

Finasteride is commonly prescribed for hair loss in the United States and its big brother, dutasteride, the more powerful of the two, is commonly prescribed for hair loss in the UK and Japan. These two drugs are both FDA approved treatments for hair loss in some countries (only finasteride is FDA approved in the USA). Both drugs are a type of anti-androgen called 5-alpha reductase inhibitors and can effectively lower scalpal DHT levels by up to 70% for finasteride and 90% for dutasteride, according to several studies.  The problem with both of these drugs is that they are taken orally and what a 5-alpha reductase inhibitor does is basically mop up any hormones it comes into contact with.

This means that whether or not you notice, not only the DHT in your scalp is lowered, but all of the free testosterone in your body is reduced as well!  This is why both drugs are prescribed for men transitioning into women.  They do effectively lower testosterone throughout your body and likely will cause the hair on your head to thicken substantially.  But meanwhile your body hair starts falling out, your oily complexion improves, you may even experience breast enlargement!  All sorts of erectile and reproductive problems are almost guaranteed.  Both drugs are excellent at making men more effeminate in almost every way.

Dutasteride in particular, is even prescribed in combination with other drugs to effectively reduce your testosterone levels to zero for some types of cancer treatments.  So, both drugs have legitimate medical uses.  But the reproductive side effects are severe and aside from erectile dysfunction and reduced ejaculate volume, your sperm count is greatly reduced as well. Sometimes to zero! So even if you tried one of these treatments for your hair loss and did not think you had side effects, if you had checked your sperm count it would have been greatly reduced.

For this reason, we would never recommend any male who wants a normal, functioning reproductive system, to take either of these drugs for cosmetic reasons alone! And that is regardless of the fact that they are both FDA approved in some countries.

So what about other products out there that also claim to lower DHT with a pill, such as saw palmetto?  If any of these products did work, they would take an enormous dosage and also systemically suppress all of your male hormones. Thus, you would experience the same side effects as dutasteride and finasteride above. You cannot take a pill that only removes DHT from your scalp without removing testosterone everywhere!  This can only be achieved topically by directly applying a product onto the scalp that is effective at lowering DHT locally.

NewHairFormula has been proven in clinical testing to eliminate up to 90% of the DHT in your scalp over the first 60 days of use! We accomplish this in a topical formula that does not affect the hormone levels throughout your body! You can tell the difference after 60 days because your scalp will no longer be oily, and your hair will stop shedding once your DHT level is reduced. Now you can keep your libido and your hair!

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