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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

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We answer our clients frequently asked questions about the NewHairFormula hair growth treatment here. If your question is not answered, then click below to ask a live rep!

What is unique about NewHairFormula?  What makes NewHairFormula better than other clinically proven treatments?  Can it really stop my hair loss?  What’s in it?

Dear clients and friends,

We want to point out and clarify what we have done that has revolutionized human hair regrowth potential and explain why NewHairFormula is better than other clinically proven treatments.

So, we are the first and only firm to convert minoxidil into a low dosage, timed release microemulsion. This means that no minoxidil touches your skin but is released slowly and continuously after the microemulsion is absorbed. So, what we have done is eliminate 100 percent of the minoxidil side effects, while delivering much better hair growth due to the continuous timed-release mechanism. And you only need to apply it once every other day! Many people, especially seniors and women, have terrible minoxidil side effects. Even dangerous side effects like heart palpitations. Now they have none! So, NewHairFormula is a very worthy upgrade to quality of life for all current and future minoxidil users.

But this is not our only breakthrough! Our groundbreaking use of DMSO to prevent the buildup of DHT in your scalp (without side effects) is so revolutionary that right now almost 15% of our new clients are medical doctors signing up to investigate this technology for themselves. Decreasing your DHT can stop hair loss permanently and maintain your hair as you age. Before NewHairFormula, finasteride was your only choice for decreasing DHT significantly. But finasteride can have negative side effects on your libido.  NewHairFormula can decrease DHT safely and naturally, much more effectively than finasteride, but with zero side effects!

There is even more icing on this cake. One of our scientists has experience working in high end women’s hair products development. So, our potent formula also leaves your hair feeling soft and conditioned instead of a sticky mess like all the others.

Better hair growth with no side effects, easy to use once every other day, and leaves your hair feeling great! All of this is a major upgrade to the best medically proven hair growth treatments available today, and an increased quality of life for all of our clients.

With warmest regards,

The NewHairFormula Team

Learn more here and see the full list of ingredients at the bottom of the page:

I have tried everything and nothing works!  How is this different?

So, most clients who come to us and tell us nothing works have never tried finasteride.  Finasteride can decrease DHT.  Increased dihydrotestosterone (DHT) levels in the scalp are the underlying cause of your hair loss.  When you decrease your DHT, all hair loss stops and some hair grows back too!  The problem is that finasteride has some bad side effects, and we don’t recommend it.  Our treatment can decrease your DHT level even more than finasteride, but with no side effects at all!  
So, what makes us different is that:
1) There are no other products on the market capable of decreasing your DHT so substantially.
2) Decreasing your DHT is the only way to experience really impressive hair growth results.
Here is a link to read more about how we did it:

What is in it?  What are the ingredients?

Here is a link to an article that lists our unique ingredients and explains how they work. Please read carefully as no one else is doing this yet! 

Here is the link with a detailed explanation of how we did it and a full list of ingredients at the bottom of the page:

Are there really no side effects?  How can there be no side effects?

We have thousands of clients who have switched from minoxidil, finasteride, or both.  They all see and feel the difference immediately!  No side effects at all!

So how did we achieve this result while delivering even better hair regrowth?  The secret lies in our proprietary low dose timed release formula and our unique ingredients.  Discover the details here:

What should I expect when I try NewHairFormula?  

A reasonable expectation for most clients is to see your hair regrow to where it was 5 or 10 years ago.  You should then be able to maintain this regrowth for the rest of your life!

The scientific explanation for these results is as follows.  NewHairFormula is very effective at reviving dormant follicles.  When your hair falls out, the follicle itself does not die immediately but stays dormant for many years.  So, within 5 or 10 years of hair loss, most of your hair follicles are alive but dormant.  Over a longer time frame, most of these dormant follicles gradually die off and cannot be revived.  For this reason, most folks should expect only moderate regrowth on slick bald areas (unless it occurred recently).

To learn more about what to expect when you try NewHairFormula check out this article here:

Who can use NewHairFormula?  

Men and women who are suffering from androgenic alopecia (AGA), or genetic hair loss, respond very well to our product.  In addition, those with temporary hair loss (such as shock hair loss due to chemotherapy) usually experience much quicker and thicker hair regrowth.  NewHairFormula is currently being recommended by Oncologists in the United States for use after chemotherapy.

Our treatment works well for women over 50.  Androgenic alopecia or AGA (genetic, hormonal hair loss) is rare in young women, but after menopause the number one cause of hair loss in women is AGA, just as it is for men!  If you are female and you are not sure if your hair loss is due to androgenic alopecia, then take our easy at home test here and find out now!

Does it work better than minoxidil which is also scientifically proven?

NewHairFormula works much better than minoxidil!  Anyone who is currently taking minoxidil could benefit greatly from switching.  NewHairFormula even works better than minoxidil combined with finasteride!  It does this with zero side effects. Read here to learn why NewHairFormula always works better than minoxidil!

Before and After 4 Year on NewHairFormula (side view)
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New Hair Growth Technology

NewHairFormula is the first hair growth treatment clinically proven to prevent DHT from storing and building up in the scalp (the root cause of most

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However, we do not think ordinary minoxidil as a stand alone treatment works very well as you can read here;

man observing his hair in the mirror
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Does Minoxidil Really Work?

If you have tried minoxidil, or are planning to try it, then here are some facts you need to know to understand why minoxidil as a stand-alone treatment cannot stop your hair loss.

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So for regular minoxidil to work well, it really needs to be combined with a DHT blocker like finasteride.  Only treatments that decrease your DHT produce noticeable and easily measurable results.  Finasteride can also decrease your DHT by up to 70%, but for some the side effects are too much!

dutasteride gel caps
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The Side Effects of Finasteride

While finasteride has a number legitimate medical uses, the systemic effect of male hormone suppression are severe enough that we would not recommend it for cosmetic reasons.

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How do I use NewHairFormula correctly?

Please see our usage instructions pages here;

man observing his hair in the mirror

Instructions + Tips

Instructions and Expectations Please read these detailed instructions to learn the proper method to apply NewHairFormula to your scalp.  After the application instructions we also

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I just had a hair transplant (or I am considering one).  Is NewHairFormula for me?

NewHairFormula is amazing after a hair transplant!  Even if you get your transplant done by an amazing surgeon, the transplant process is invasive and causes trauma to your scalp usually resulting in some shock loss.  NewHairFormula will quickly regrow all of your shock loss hair and maybe even prevent it from occurring in the first place.  Our product will also give your transplanted hair the best healthy start by stimulating your newly transplanted hair to survive and then to grow quickly.  In addition, NewHairFormula will cause many small vellus hairs across your scalp to become terminal as well, thus thickening your transplant area even further!

The bottom line is using NewHairFormula after a hair transplant will make your surgeon look like a genius and greatly enhance the entire procedure’s effectiveness!

We recommend starting 3 – 6 months before your transplant so your surgeon will see the many new hairs our product produces.  This will help your surgeon to make the best aesthetic placement of your transplanted hair to get the best coverage and density.

I have a fully bald spot on top.  What can NewHairFormula do for me? 

It is unlikely that fully bald areas will ever regrow to their youthful state, but we have seen in our clinical trials fully bald crowns regrow significant density which was very pleasing to our clients as you can imagine.  So, bald scalp can regrow hair, but to what extent each client will respond is impossible to predict.

How is this possible?  If you decrease the DHT level in your scalp enough, any hair follicles that are not dead will eventually regrow.  We see this easily in bald senior men who receive finasteride for their prostate and as a side effect, regrow thousands of hair follicles, leaving them with wispy Charlie Brown hair covering their scalp.  To learn more, I would encourage you to read our “What to Expect” article here as it explains everything in detail.

NewHairFormula client Casey Shawver's testimonial before and after pictures documenting his amazing hair regrowth!
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What to Expect When Using NewHairFormula On Your Hair

We show clients’ hair growth experiences on a timeline. Then we explain the main factors that affect your current ability to regrow hair. We think this will give you a good idea of the hair growth results you can expect to see for yourself!

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What is your guarantee or refund policy?

Within the first 60 days, no questions asked!

Speaking of membership and subscriptions, how does this work?  Are there any obligations or contracts?  Why do I need a subscription?  Why can’t I just buy one bottle to try it out?  What is my overall cost?

The subscription plan for men is $79.98 per month and for women it is $55.98 per month.

For those who just want to buy one bottle without subscribing we do offer this option for $167.99, but we also have to ask why? Anyone who wants to buy a bottle of anything to “try it” and see how much hair grows does not have realistic expectations. It takes a long time for our product to regrow hair! In fact, this is one of the only products on the market capable of doing so. But growing hair takes time. If you are not ready to invest in yourself and use this product for at least 6 months then we suggest you spend less and buy some fancy shampoos and vitamins that do nothing.

Because growing hair takes time, we decided to primarily sell NewHairFormula via subscription. Also, our product is expensive to manufacture. Our subscription plan helps to minimize your costs and also to allow us to save money by only manufacturing what is needed each month. This keeps you in ongoing supply of our product so your hair will grow as thick as possible.

Why do I receive a bottle every other month but pay monthly?

We ship a 2 month supply every other month to keep the shipping costs lower and we bill every month to keep the monthly costs lower.  Each bottle costs about $160, so we decided to bill $80 each month instead.  We thought about making the bottle size match the monthly payment at first but decided we would just finance the cost and save money with shipping and make it more convenient for our clients and us with less frequent shipments and a consistent monthly billing price.

Why do men pay more? 

Men are required to use 50% more of the product than women, so we charge more for the increased quantity.

Discover NewHairFormula

Discover NewHairFormula

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