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Does Minoxidil Really Work?

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If you have tried minoxidil, or are planning to try it, then here are some facts you need to know to understand why minoxidil as a stand-alone treatment cannot stop your hair loss.

The Underlying Cause of Hair Loss

Most hair loss in men and hair thinning in post-menopausal women is due to androgenic alopecia (AGA), also known as genetic hair loss or pattern baldness.  An excessive amount of dihydrotestosterone (DHT) in the scalp is the underlying cause of all androgenic alopecia. So, if you are able to decrease the DHT in your scalp enough, you can not only stop all future hair loss, but will very likely experience thick regrowth across your entire scalp!

Most Products Don't Even Attempt to Treat The Underlying Cause of Hair Loss!

DHT is a hormone, and without treating this hormonal issue your hair loss will only get worse over time!  Vitamins and shampoos don’t treat hormonal issues.  Neither do lasers, or even minoxidil!  In fact, nothing can stop your hair loss from progressing without treating this underlying cause!

The only products that do treat this hormonal issue are finasteride, with plenty of side effects, and NewHairFormula with zero side effects!

Anyone who has taken one of these products knows what a dramatic effect decreasing your DHT has on one’s hair line!

No product can stop your hair loss without lowering the DHT level in your scalp significantly!

Minoxidil, and most other products sold to treat hair loss today focus only on stimulating hair growth and completely ignore the elevated DHT levels which are the underlying cause of your hair loss.  So, even though minoxidil is FDA approved and clinically proven to grow hair, many of our clients have personally had a bad experience with minoxidil.  We have heard many times how it made our clients’ hair a sticky, unmanageable mess, or worse gave them serious side effects such as eye bags, swollen face, or even heart palpitations!  All of this and they did not see any hair growth at all!  

The reason minoxidil doesn’t work well by itself is because it does not treat the underlying cause of your hair loss at all! Minoxidil is a growth stimulant and has no effect on your DHT levels.

Remember, most hair loss is caused by too much DHT in your scalp. But most men have a continually increasing level of DHT in their scalp as they age. And DHT kills hair follicles over time!  So basically, your own DHT is killing off your hair follicles faster than minoxidil can grow them back!  This is why many people don’t think minoxidil works for them.

We mentioned above that it is a fact that you cannot lose hair due to hormonal or genetic reasons (AGA) with low or no DHT present in your scalp.  So, decreasing DHT alone can stop hair loss on any person suffering from AGA.  Well, the opposite is also true.  Meaning that no product can stop your hair loss without lowering the DHT level in your scalp significantly!

Our groundbreaking new hair growth treatment can significantly lower your DHT levels and stop your hair loss permanently!  Check out our links for men and women below to learn more!

Learn What to Expect While Using NewHairFormula

So, will NewHairFormula work on your hair too?  Learn which factors most affect your current hair loss and see real client results on a timeline!

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Discover NewHairFormula

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