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NewHairFormula client Casey Shawver's testimonial before and after pictures documenting his amazing hair regrowth!

Casey Shawver’s Amazing Hair Growth Testimonial!

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Our client, Casey Shawver, gives his testimonial and his pictures after experiencing amazing hair growth with NewHairFormula!

Casey Shawver's Story

“I was worried and stressed about my increasing hair loss.  I really wanted to keep my thick, curly and youthful hairline that I had loved so much.  But, over the past several it just got worse.  In an effort to stop my hair loss, I tried all kinds of different products.  This was also a very stressful process as nothing seemed to work at all.  Then I discovered NewHairFormula.

I was cautiously optimistic after reading about how their treatment worked and decided to try it.  I used NewHairFormula religiously, but after 4 months I did not see any new growth and was actually about to quit.  Before cancelling I had my wife take a close look at my scalp.  To my surprise she said that she did see a lot of fine hair growing in around the crown of my head!  So, I stuck with the treatment, and wow did that new hair start growing in! 

Over the next several months, my thick curly hair grew back to where it was several years ago, and I hope to keep it that way for the rest of my life!  NewHairFormula did exactly what they claimed it would do and they sure earned a lifetime customer here!”

Casey Shawver, private trader, Texas

NewHairFormula Research Team Notes

We have an explanation below for why we think Casey’s results were so spectacular, but in this case not one, but two pictures really are worth a thousand words!

Casey’s experience is typical in many ways and spectacular in others.  It is typical not to notice your new hair growth until after 4 months. Unless you have highly magnified mirrors or precision measuring instruments (or a wife that can inspect your scalp closely) new hair growth goes unnoticed until it is nearly an inch long.  This is because for the first 1/2 inch of a new hair’s life it is thin and light (vellus stage) before it gets thicker and longer (terminal stage). 

Casey’s extra thick hair growth is spectacular.  NewHairFormula’s groundbreaking ability to reduce DHT by up to 90% makes it the first hair growth treatment capable of reviving ALL of your dormant hair follicles!  We suspect that Casey had a high percentage of recently dormant but not dead follicles, and this combined with his curly hair enabled NewHairFormula to produce his spectacular results (allow us to explain here). 

First, curly hair covers more area and looks thicker than straight hair.  Second, Casey self-reported that he kept a pretty good head of hair until the past few years.  This recent hair loss means that more of Casey’s hair follicles were not dead but just dormant.  Especially when comparing with men who lost their hair many years or even decades ago.  Recent hair loss is always easier to revive than older hair loss as long dormant follicles tend to die off over the years. 

The NewHairFormula Research Team

Experience Hair Regrowth Never Possible Before!

NewHairFormula client Casey Shawver's testimonial before and after pictures documenting his amazing hair regrowth!
Casey Shawver - Before, and after 8 months on NewHairFormula!

It takes about 60 to 90 days for NewHairFormula to reduce the DHT in your scalp by up to 90%.  This massive decrease in DHT alone is enough to cause a great deal of hair regrowth in most of our clients.  But, we’ve also added a powerful hair growth stimulant, which works even better once your DHT has been so greatly reduced!  And with your DHT levels at all time lows, your scalp is ready for new growth!

So, what does all of this mean? It means NewHairFormula can make your hair look like it did a decade, or even two decades ago!  You will experience hair growth never thought possible before our breakthrough treatment!  Click the links below “for Men” or “for Women” to learn more and try our treatment risk free!

Contact Casey Shawver

Casey was so impressed with the results our product delivered that he reached out to us with pictures and even said we can use his name and encourage new clients to reach out to him if they would like to. There are not many firms with clients willing and happy to chat about their own results, so this is a rare opportunity to meet someone who has regrown a lot of hair! If you would like to speak to Casey Shawver about his hair transforming experience with NewHairFormula, please reach out to our customer support team (via chat or email) and we will pass him your contact information so you can converse with him personally. 

Learn What to Expect While Using NewHairFormula

So, will NewHairFormula work on your hair too?  Learn which factors most affect your current hair loss and see real client results on a timeline!

Discover NewHairFormula

Discover NewHairFormula

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