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Author: J Smith PhD

Opening a bottle of NewHairFormula and showing the dropper

NewHairFormula – A little bit goes a long way!

Due to the potency and dosage of NewHairFormula, combined with our powerful penetration enhancer, a little bit really does go a long way! Learning to apply NewHairFormula carefully and sparingly will help you maximize your hair growth and minimize possible skin irritation.

Closeup picture of new hair growth on client's head. This new hair growth is visible along the part in the client's hair.
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Spotting Your New Hair Growth

Learn methods to spot and observe your new hair regrowth in its early stages, when it would usually require precision measuring instruments. But first, you must stop looking in the wrong places!

NewHairFormula client Casey Shawver's testimonial before and after pictures documenting his amazing hair regrowth!
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What to Expect When Using NewHairFormula On Your Hair

We show clients’ hair growth experiences on a timeline. Then we explain the main factors that affect your current ability to regrow hair. We think this will give you a good idea of the hair growth results you can expect to see for yourself!

dutasteride gel caps
Hair Growth Research

The Side Effects of Finasteride

While finasteride has a number legitimate medical uses, the systemic effect of male hormone suppression are severe enough that we would not recommend it for cosmetic reasons.