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Stopping androgenic alopecia in women. Before and after hair growth picture of Marilia.

Stopping Androgenic Alopecia in Women – Marilia’s testimonial

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Marilia's story of hair growth success using NewHairFormula to combat female androgenic alopecia.

Marilia's Story

“As a personal trainer and fitness coach I literally make a living by having the look my clients wish to achieve and then teaching them how they can do it too! Just after graduating from college I was stricken with heavy hair loss, as my mother was at the same age. I panicked realizing that my career is literally affected by the way I look to a huge extent! Losing my hair at such a young age was really a blow to my confidence as well. I suffered from anxiety and depression over my hair loss every day because I am just not ready to be a bald woman.

Then I saw the results of NewHairFormula on a friend’s husband and hoped it would work for me too. Well, after only 4 months I have thousands of little hairs growing all over my head. So, it worked amazingly well for me too! These quick results have really helped me to regain my confidence and have hope that there is a beautiful me in my future!”

Marilia A., personal fitness coach, Brazil

Men's Health Research (NewHairFormula) Clinical Observations

Marilia has hereditary female hair loss (androgenic alopecia) in her family as did all of our female clinical trial volunteers. NewHairFormula is extremely effective on women. We believe the reason it works so well is because the dihydrotestosterone (DHT) levels measured in the women’s test group were much lower than the men’s. It appears that even moderately increased scalpal DHT levels in women can cause severe hair loss. 

Our treatment very efficiently lowers scalpal DHT.  It takes about 60 days for NewHairFormula to reduce the DHT in your scalp by up to 90%.

Notice the thick new growth coming in along the “fringe” of her hairline in the photo below!  Note that Marilia has long hair and the short curly hair along her hairline is new hair growth

Marilia A. close up photo of new hair growth along the fringe of her hairline after 4 months using NewHairFormula.
Marilia A. close up photo of new hair growth along the fringe of her hairline after 4 months using NewHairFormula.

Test Yourself at Home for Androgenic Alopecia

If you are interested in trying NewHairFormula, but you have not been formally diagnosed with AGA, then we recommend taking our easy at home test for androgenic alopecia here:

Learn What to Expect While Using NewHairFormula

So, will NewHairFormula work on your hair too?  Learn which factors most affect your current hair loss and see real client results on a timeline!

To learn more about our groundbreaking new hair growth treatment that can significantly lower your DHT levels and stop your hair loss permanently, check out our links for men and women below!

Discover NewHairFormula

Discover NewHairFormula

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