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Before and After 4 Year on NewHairFormula (side view)

Amazing Hair Regrowth! 10,000 New Hairs in 3 Months!

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We document one client’s results from our clinical trials. Our client also gives his testimonial story of his own amazing hair regrowth!

Joseph's Story

“After two hair transplants, and suffering from the side effects of minoxidil and finasteride, I was still losing the battle with my hair loss.  I would never have believed that a topical product could grow my hair so thick and make me look years younger.  But then I stumbled into the NewHairFormula clinical trial by accident (in the same office building).

Amazingly, within three months my head was covered with thousands of new hair follicles growing everywhere, especially around the hairlines (they told me I had 10,000 new hairs growing in)!  Now, eight months later, my hair loss has been turned back 25 years!

I will be a lifelong customer and highly recommend everyone to take their risk-free trial.  You have nothing to lose and everything to gain!”

Joseph G., Investment Fund Manager, Malta

Men's Health Research (NewHairFormula) Clinical Observations

We made the above video with our client after eight months, and updated it after 15 months. The results speak for themselves. Below are our initial photos and observations from this client’s clinical trial.

Joseph G. before and after our 90 day clinical trial.

10,000 New Hairs in 3 Months!

This subject is a male, 48 years of age, who has self reportedly undergone two hair transplant surgeries.  When observed closely after shaving, he has visible scarring from the FUE grafts on the side of the scalp as well as a large scar across the back of the scalp where another transplant was performed using the “strip method”.  The patient has a family history of baldness on both sides.  Four weeks before our trial we asked him to stop taking minoxidil and finasteride which was his current regimen for hair loss.

Upon beginning our clinical trial he was started on 2 ml of NewHairFormula applied topically directly to the scalp once every other day before bed.  This was decreased to 1 ml after the first 90 days.  The client was shaved upon our first meeting before our photo session and then shaved again each monthly meeting before our photo sessions with the same number 6 clippers (3/4”, 19mm).  So, the photos presented above are more or less exactly the same haircut and hair length and are completely unedited.  Furthermore, by taking cross-sectional trichometer measurements before and again each month, we were able to estimate that this client has grown more than 10,000 new hairs (during his three month trial with us).

15 Months Later

Here is the same client 15 months after he started using our product. A picture is definitely worth a thousand words here!

Amazing Hair Regrowth! Before and after photographs of NewHairFormula client.
Before, and After 15 months on NewHairFormula!

4 Years Later, Even Thicker

Here is the same client 4 years later.  He is not just maintaining his regrowth but appears to still be improving.

Before and After 4 Year on NewHairFormula
Before and After 4 Year on NewHairFormula

Learn What to Expect While Using NewHairFormula

So, will NewHairFormula work on your hair too?  Learn which factors most affect your current hair loss and see real client results on a timeline!

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Discover NewHairFormula

Discover NewHairFormula

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