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About NewHairFormula

NewHairFormula is a breakthrough in hair growth technology!  Our clinically tested treatment is the first proven to lower the DHT hormone level in your scalp more than finasteride, without the side effects of prescription drugs!

Reducing your DHT level is the only way to stop your hair loss permanently!  NewHairFormula’s groundbreaking ability to reduce DHT opens the door to a new level of hair regrowth never possible before!

In fact, NewHairFormula works so well that it can completely change the way your hair looks!  Many of our clients have even had friends and family ask them if they had done a hair transplant!

Here is just one incredible example of what NewHairFormula could do for you!  This client came to us using minoxidil after his second hair transplant and he was still losing more hair.  Nothing he tried could stop his hair loss. Now just look at the difference switching to NewHairFormula has made to his hair!

Amazing Hair Regrowth! Before and after photographs of NewHairFormula client.
Before, and after 15 months on NewHairFormula!

“Now, eight months later, my hair loss has been turned back 25 yrs! I haven’t had hair this thick since college. There is just nothing else like this on the market!”

Joseph G., Fund Manager, Malta

Men’s Health Research LLC was founded by a team of pioneering scientists who wanted to create a better product to treat their own hair loss. Our team spent thousands of hours researching and testing many combinations of hair growth stimulants and drugs. Finally, after extensive clinical testing, we managed to create a proprietary and potent new hair growth stimulant. Then we combined it with a our groundbreaking DHT suppressant, used for the first time to combat hair loss.  

NewHairFormula is a Trademarked Brand created and owned by Men’s Health Research LLC in order to distribute our hair growth treatment worldwide. 

Our team is dedicated to bringing you the best scientifically proven hair growth treatment on the market today!

Discover NewHairFormula

Discover NewHairFormula

Before and After 4 Year on NewHairFormula (side view)
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New Hair Growth Technology

NewHairFormula is the first hair growth treatment clinically proven to prevent DHT from storing and building up in the scalp (the root cause of most

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Man with long gray hair and beard laughing.
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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

We answer our clients frequently asked questions about the NewHairFormula hair growth treatment here. If your question is not answered, then click below to ask

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We take time out to listen to our clients and friends here!  We are happy to answer any questions you may have quickly and efficiently!  For the fastest response time please click our live chat below or the Facebook Messenger link (in the footer) and speak to us now.  Otherwise, you can email us here:

For those of you who prefer more traditional means of communication, you may contact us at our offices at The Country Club Plaza in Kansas City using the details below.

NewHairFormula home office at The Country Club Plaza in Kansas City.


Men’s Health Research LLC

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“I subscribed after speaking with Heather several times about NewHairFormula. She is super knowledgeable, easy to reach, and always there for me when I have questions! Now after 4 months my hair is noticeably thicker, especially around the hairline!”
client pic Jeremy
Jeremy Chevalier
Paris, France

Discover NewHairFormula

Discover NewHairFormula